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Publications by Dr E. O. Tukasi (Principal)

Pastor (Dr) Tukasi is the current principal of the St Joseph Christian College in London. The followings are some of his academic publications:

Tukasi, Emmanuel O. “Karl Barth and His Pneumatic Vision of Christian Experience.” Journal of Contemporary Christian Studies 1.2 (2015): pp. 294-309.

— “Acts 1:6-11 and the Kingdom of God in African Indigenous Churches.” JABU Journal of Humanities 1 (2012): pp. 28-42.

— “Thy Kingdom Come: A Motif of Social Reform in the Gospel of Luke.” Orita: Ibadan Journal of Religious Studies 44.1 (2012): pp. 105-119.

— “Dualism and Penitential Prayer in the Rule of the Community (1QS).” In Xeravits, Géza G. Ed. Dualism in Qumran: An assessment of dualistic thinking in the Qumran material written by leading contributors in the light of two decades of Qumran research. Library of Second Temple Studies 76. London:  T & T Clark, 2010, pp. 166-187.

Determinism and Petitionary Prayer in John and the Dead Sea Scrolls: An Ideological Reading of John and the Rule of the Community (1QS). Library of Second Temple Studies 66. London:  T & T Clark, 2008.

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