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SJCC – Office 365 Account

1.  Setup Your Email Account

  • Click this link to navigate to Microsoft Office 365 online or simply type “” to your browser.
  • Enter your new SJCC email address in the email box, then click “Next”.
  • Enter your password, then click “Sign in” ( if you are accessing your SJCC account for the first time, the system will prompt you to change your password).
  • Click “Yes” if you are prompted to “Stay signed in?”

2. Microsoft Teams

2.1 Installation

If you already have Microsoft Teams installed on your computer or mobile phone, please skip this step.

Install on Desktop Computer

–  Click on this download link

– Save the file to a location on your desktop and then open, to install it on your computer, following the instructions.

Install on Mobile Phone
– On your mobile phone, open Google Play (Android) or App Store(iPhone)
– Search for “Microsoft Teams” and install it on your mobile.

2.2 Sign in to Teams

  • Open Microsoft Teams on your mobile or laptop
  • Sign in with your SJCC email address and the temporary password that has been communicated to you.
  • You will be asked to change the temporary password to a new one. Kindly use a strong password and one that you can remember.

2.3 Teams Dashboard

Once you are signed in to Microsoft Teams, you will be presented with the following tabs to your left.

  • Activity: It has list of all the notifications that are sent to you and you can click on those notifications to navigate to a specific task.
  • Chat: This tab allows you to chat with your tutors and other students directly.
  • Teams: It’s the most important tab, where you can view lecture notes and information that are related to your modules.
  • Assignments: It gives you a room to submit and keep track of all your assignments and your grades.
  • Calendar: It is a place for you to view lecture schedules and other activities.
  • Calls: You can call your tutors or other students directly using this tab.
  • Files: All your files are saved here for ease of access.

2.4 Join Teams Meeting

  • To join a scheduled meeting, click on “Calendar” and you will find list of all scheduled meeting for that day.
  • Click “Join” to join the meeting.
  • You can also join the meeting by clicking on the module name then “Meet” button, as highlighted below.